Superior Quality

  • Our unique design and attention to detail ensures superior quality
  • Choose any size and quantity of display unit, made to your exact specification
  • Create a hard-wearing and cost-effective Tombola with our screwed-in carpet grips
  • Our display units are being used every day all over the country in leading high street chains
  • We can brand your unit with our state-of-the-art ecologically-friendly printing facility
  • Create your dream unit with our easy-to-follow design process. We will guide you every step of the way

Traditional carpet tombola


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Carpet displays

At WB Services we can create any number of bespoke carpet display units to exactly match your requirements.

The best carpet display

We make displays which will provide the ultimate platform for your product – innovative, brand-conscious and stylish.

From single swing-arm units to large display furniture covering entire walls, we can craft it for you. We cater for all types of job, with any specification and quantity.

Bespoke tombola carpet displayTombola – Standard or Bespoke

We are experts in the design and manufacture of the most popular carpet display unit. We are one of the few companies to be able to offer your Tombola in any width to cater for any sample size. We are also the only ones who screw – by hand – the carpet grips onto the drum itself. We do this because should it be damaged in transit or later develop wear and tear the part can easily be replaced, leaving the Tombola as good as new. When grips are welded, as opposed to screwed, onto the drum, the entire drum can need replacing if the welded element fails.


Lectern carpet display unitLectern – Standard or Bespoke

Working to your brief, we can design and manufacture Lecterns in many different styles and sizes, with widths of either 18 or 27 inches. These point-of-sale carpet display units can be easily adapted to exhibit most floor coverings including carpet and vinyl.





Wall unit carpet display

Wall Unit

If you are looking for an eye-catching and practical wall unit, tailor-made to your exact requirements, we can deliver.





Apart from manufacturing the displays, we also offer a full branding service, ensuring all your merchandise, point-of-sale equipment and signage consistently conforms to your brand. We will design, manufacture, deliver and install your unit.

With one phone call you could have your project off the ground.

We are happy to design your Tombola, Lectern or Wall Unit to exactly match your specifications, and once we have made your display unit the design will remain exclusively yours.